Time Management Tips

Time management tips are life-enhancement tools. And time balance is a key component of your toolbox. “Experts” may have impressed upon you that productivity means being perpetually busy. Well, nothing’s further from the truth!

For peak productivity, stay focused. Keep your energy and motivation high. How? Develop your own personal time balance, and enjoy yourself, too.

Think back over the past week:

  • How many times did you push yourself forward while fighting exhaustion?
  • Did getting through the day feel like a brisk walk or a trudge on the treadmill?
  • Did you fear you were wasting time if you exercised or spent time with family?

To avoid burnout, add some much-needed balance to your life.

Time Management Tips

Time Balance is Key

It is essential to make time for relaxing activities that don’t necessarily relate directly to your work.

For optimal effectiveness, shift your pace, your energy outlay and your focus frequently throughout the day.

This is what I refer to as time balance. But don’t take my word for it… Give it a try and see for yourself how these 7 tips enhance your pleasure as well as your effectiveness:

  1. Alternate tasks where you sit at your computer with projects that call on you to be physically active. Moving your body you helps move your energy. And as I’ve mentioned in other articles, alternating seated projects with activity supports your heart health.
  2. Approach your non-work activity with openness, gratitude and compassion.
  3. When you feel yourself become harsh or urgent, take several deep, relaxed breaths from your abdomen. Set down your work at a natural stopping place, and briefly change your focus so you can return to your project refreshed. Notice how monitoring your energy enhances your receptiveness to your work!
  4. Schedule in daily time to exercise and relax. Select a time of day where it can balance your energy and ground yourself.
  5. Take breaks every hour, even if they need to be brief. For example, with every hour of sitting, I take 10-15 minutes to move about freely and to re-energize myself. And there’s nothing like getting outdoors or playing with my “puppies” to help me counterbalance my work energy.
  6. Start small and bring an open mind. From there, continue to experiment. You might try making one small change for a week. Document what you notice and validate yourself freely.
  7. Once your varied routine becomes second nature, encourage yourself to gently explore alternatives that continue to stretch you just beyond the comfort zone.

And most important of all, when it comes to time balance, treat yourself with kindness! Achieving balance of any kind involves falling down as well as getting up. With patience and practice, you’ll move forward and enjoy a new level of personal productivity!

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